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At Lamus, we understand that benefits packages are often the determining factor in deciding to work one place or another - which is why we offer one of the best all-inclusive benefits packages available in our business marketplace. A summary of our benefits is listed below. To find out about benefits not listed here, please email us at info@lamuscompany.com.

Bonus Plan

An annual bonus pool is established to reward employees for superior performance.  Bonus amounts are very competitive within our industry and one of the key tools we use to recruit and retain the most talented and experienced professionals we can find.

401K & Profit Sharing Plan

Unlike most plans you will find, Lamus employees are fully vested in the Company’s 401K/Profit Sharing Plan after the first full hour of work with us. Lamus Company has established a fully qualified 401K Plan that allows salary contributions to employee 401K Plans.  These funds are deducted before taxes are levied and are subject to IRS limits. Additionally, the Company has established a qualified profit sharing plan that allows the Company to make additional contributions to the 401K program.  Essentially, these funds, the employee's and the Company’s annual contributions, are managed as the employee's 401K plan.

Vacation, Sick Leave, & Holidays

Lamus Company makes no distinction between vacation, sick leave, or holidays.  As a full time employee, you earn three days of vacation for each month’s work.  This is equivalent to 36 days of total vacation (to include sick leave and holiday) time per year.  The vacation time can be accumulated during your tenure with the Company or, if desired, increments of vacation time can be sold back to the Company during the first week in December of each year.   

Insurance Plans

Unlike most companies that require their employees to "share" the cost of insurance, Lamus Company pays for the entire cost of the health insurance for you and your family.  The Company’s major medical insurance is through Anthem.  Anthem is affiliated with Blue Cross and Blue Shield and provides one of the best plans that we’ve found.  The plan is a PPO with no annual deductible and small co-pays for doctors’ appointments.  The Company’s dental insurance is through Guardian and it is the best dental insurance plan that we could find in Northern Virginia and our vision insurance is through VSP.  The Lamus insurance plan also includes life and both short term and long- term disability insurance.  Life insurance coverage is tied to annual salary but in no case is it less than $100,000.  An equivalent amount of accidental death insurance is provided.  Short-term disability insurance provides 66 percent of weekly salary for 13 weeks while the long-term disability insurance provides 66 percent of monthly salary. 

In addition to all this Lamus Company also offers a full line of AFLAC supplemental policies that employees can purchase separately. For information about AFLAC policies and how they work, click here.

Flexible Spending Account

Lamus Company has established a flexible spending account for medical and related expenses that are not covered by the Company’s health insurance plan.  Participation is voluntary and you specify an amount of money that is deducted from your salary before taxes and is set aside for reimbursement of your medical expenses.  These funds can be used to pay for your health plan’s deductible expenses and are tax-free.